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Engineering - Facilities Management


Job Descriptions:

  • Responsible for Facilities Planning including supervision of all company’s area, the company’s data center, command room, installation & maintenance of all computer equipment and facilities
  • Maintaining and checking all facilities devices so that they can be used effectively
  • Monitoring all facilities & building automation systems of the data centers, secondary site and office area
  • Collecting and updating the plan and layout of equipment facilities in data center and command room
  • Preparing documents regarding the improvement of the performance and control the physical security of data center and office area
  • Preparing a summary report of the usages and performance of all facilities
  • Preparing an acceptance procedure of facilities and equipment installation from vendors including the training
  • Preparing a report on the energy management  of data center and office building


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor'sDegreein Electrical Engineeringor Mechanical Engineering
  • Possession of at least3 yearsexperience inthe field ofcontrolsystems, building system engineeringincludingbuilding automation system(BAS),electrical systems, air conditioning systems, fire protection systems, security system and sanitationsystem etc
  • Possession of relevant professional license
  • Experience insupervision ofthe computer center
  • Experience inbuildingenergymanagement