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Internal Risk & Security Specialist


Job Descriptions

  • Identify and assess potential risk exposure of the company
  • Implement projects to improve company’s risk & security  management
  • Provide risk & security consulting support for other business units
  • Implementing and ensuring compliance of security policies and processes
  • Perform vulnerability management such as patch management, vulnerability assessment and penetration test
  • Review network security policy and configuration
  • Respond and manage security incidents
  • Promote security awareness for the company
  • Prepare activities relating to business continuity management and IT disaster recovery


Required Specification Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s or Master Degree in Computer Science, IT or Related Field
  • 5 years of experience in IT Security
  • Information security qualifications such as CISSP, CISA, CISM, CEH, CompTIA Security, SANS (Preferred)
  • Good understanding of interbank transaction and payment system applications
  • Basic knowledge of Technology Risk, - experience with Audit of Information Systems.
  • Proven analytical and organizational skills
  • Good understanding of ISO27001 and PCI-DSS
  • Prior experience should include detailed audit program preparation, risk assessment, best practices and evaluating internal controls for system infrastructure, security or custom applications as well as using  COBIT