Company History

   National ITMX Company Limited was founded under the name ATM Pool Company Limited in 1993. July 2005 the company was renamed ‘National ITMX Company Limited’ to expand and extend the company's business scopes regarding the Bank of Thailand Strategic Payment Roadmap. ITMX (Interbank Transaction Management and Exchange) is created to satisfy Thailand’s requirement to keep up with continuing advancement in electronics commerce and payment system of the World.

       Under direction from the Payment Systems Committee (PSC), Bank of Thailand, National ITMX is set up to be the key inter-bank payment infrastructure and central data processing system that exchanges, manages, and processes data across member banks/organizations in order to support e-payment, electronics fund transfer, etc.

   The system supports all kinds of electronic payments and funds transfer from various channels including ATMs, counters, internet, phone and mobile channels. To foster the interoperability among banks, the system utilizes open platform that are secured, efficient, and has the ability to respond rapidly to the ever changing business environment. It is a framework to bring Thailand's electronic commerce and payment system to the same level as international best practices. The shareholders of National ITMX are major commercial banks in Thailand. National ITMX services to member banks and receives its revenues in forms of membership fees and transaction fees.